Monday, April 17, 2017

Sansaar Se Bhaage Phirtey Ho

LogoN ne ibaadat ko din-tariikh aur rituals mein quaid kar ke rakh diya hai
Mahurat dekh kar , chaaNd dekh kar , ghadi dekh kar "Neki" kartey hain

Aur ye neki Kya hai ?
Zakaat etc etc
Har ritual ka reason bhi hai ...
Scientific significance bhi hai ...
Aur to aur Health benefit hain
If you didn't know guys Namaaz and Yoga are very similar
Without reason and without faaeda to hum ibaadat bhi nahi kartey ....

After all we are logical mature proud believers of our respective faiths that were thrust upon us from the time we were born !!!

Hum bhi huzoor ... Hum bhi ...
Another face in the crowd ...
Hum bhi ...
Sajdey mein jhukey to thay
AaNkhein bandd kar ke haath bhi jodey thay ...
Kuchh rati-rataayi duaaeiN padhi thiiN
Lekin dil aur dimaag kahiiN aur thay

Abhi bazaar janaa hai, sabzi-chicken-fruit le kar anaa hai, doodh bhi shaaed khatam ho gayaa ho
Wo bhi list mein add karna hai
Cooking start karney se pehlay thodi si chaai jo piini hai ...

Aur haan! Facebook par status update and going through Whatsapp msgs ...
Ye bhi to karna hai ... !!!
Kal kisi ki birthday thi school waaley group par ... sara Whatsapp BD wishes se bhara padaa hai
Wo sab khaali karnaa hai ...

Hamaari ibaadat to bhai aisi hi hai ... God ji ki di hui ne'matoN mein Mashaallah dhyaan lagaa rehta hai
Wo Maalik apni ne'mateiN aur bhi kasrat se ataa karta rahey aur hum yuun hi uss ka shukr adaa kartey raheiN

Someone sent a msg saying Namaaz mein Allah ke khayaal ke alawaa koi aur khayaal ayaa to ibaadat bekaar ...

Khuda ka khayaal kya hotaa hai
Kaisa hota hai koi bataaye ...

Jo Sansaar Khuda ne banayaa hai, jo ne'mateiN uss ne ataa kari hain, unn hi mein to hum uss Maalik ki presence ko mehsoos kareiNgey na ...
Insaan iss Sansaar-roopi Gorakhdhande ka ek hissa hai
Iss gorakhdhande se alag ho kar Insaan sachchi ibaadat kaise kar sakta hai ...

Friday, March 17, 2017

The True Vijeta

I was in primary school.
So it must be almost four decades ago that I first saw Mr. Shashi Kapoor.
Real flesh-and-blood as they say!!!

You don't understand at that tender age why you instantly liked someone.
But looking back now, I can very well understand why that image, that memory has so vividly stayed with me all these years.
His charming vibrancy was spreading so much positivity.
His eyes and lips lighted with a smile that seemed to brighten up everything that came within its enchanting radius.
And as girls mobbed him for autographs, that look of innocence on his face, asking if someone could spare a pen, has got permanently engraved on my heart.

It was at the inauguration of an exhibition for some charitable cause.
One of my relatives was in the managing committee of the institution that was organizing the entire event.
Mr. Shashi Kapoor was the chief guest.
His simplicity, as I think of it now, was overwhelming. He casually strolled in the hall without much ado and mingled with the crowd with remarkable ease.
He was so close I only had to stretch my arm and I would have touched a star :-)!!!

Then as they say, Time flew.
And after many years when I saw Mr. Shashi Kapoor some years back at Prithvi, he was, in his outward appearance not even remotely close to the picture of his past self.
But that affectionate smile as he blessed the young who sought his duas was adorably sweet and friendly, though a bit more matured and solemn.

The serenity and calm on his face, so encouraging and uplifting, must certainly come from the satisfaction of having lived life without compromising on character.
Indeed it is with much contentment that I, his ardent fan over the years realised that Mr. Shashi Kapoor has grown splendidly in stature as an inimitable film maker, a classy theater personality and an endearing human being ....

He has shown his mettle as an intense actor, he has been a skillful director,  a resourceful producer, a fearless film maker, and a pioneer in giving theater lovers in Bombay an absolutely sumptuous treat year after year.

Visiting Prithvi is like meeting a soulmate.

What an enviably inspirational personality this wonderful man is ....
May he live long.
He has the Junoon of a true Vijeta

Friday, March 10, 2017

Holi Mubarak

"Holi Kab hai? Kab hai Holi?"
Asked Gabbar Singh in "Sholay"
Back then he was waiting to spill a horrific colour.
The colour that has been blurring logic and vision globally since times immemorial.
The colour of Revengeful Violence.

So the blossoms of population may have exploded almost everywhere, but the shoots of life seem to have dwindled as much too.

From Holika to Gabbar, and before and beyond, there are unending incandescent streaks of ill will that shroud conciliatory colours of Peace.
They stagnate the revitalizing hues of love, the inspirational aura of Hope and the happy shades of togetherness ...
Ethics and morals have lost their colour.

Holi, the festival of colours is here again.
People will symbolically burn down evil and pray for the phoenix of goodness to rise high from those ashes.
But unless we discover the rainbow of harmony and goodwill within ourselves, all the cheerful colours in our festive pichkaaris will only remain a beautiful illusion.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Invigorating kinship

The good old busy-buzzy joint family days could never have imagined the near-solitary nuclear family times, specially in big cities, perched on a multi-storey building.
And nuclear families, usually closed and confined, as they were, could not have imagined an unfurling of relations called The Global Families :-)
Like a time when a family of three or four people spread over, say, Asia, Europe, America, and Australia ... !!!

Family conversations over dinner, or watching the good old "Chhaya Geet" together on Thursday evenings, or that lazy Sunday get together over brunch feels like a romantic folklore now.
No regrets though, if one can still keep alive those beautiful feelings within and spend "quality" time with one another whenever possible.
And once in a while even make conscious efforts to plan a holiday together.

Like the river keeps flowing, so do lives ...
And so does Time ...
But Time does not pass without educating and enlightening people.
It leaves its imprint over everything it touches.
So interestingly, over the years, while a family is in many ways the same, yet the individuals comprising it are not entirely the same.

When you have lived away from one another for a few years and then come together for a few days, it could demand a wholehearted effort in understanding and accepting one another.
Go ahead braced with an extra pinch of politeness.
Be ready to reassure your kin with a friendly pat on the back.
Try to light up their lives with shining encouraging smiles ...
And above all, carry a silky sheen of empathy to let the shortcomings of one another slide away smoothly so that time thus spent results in stronger bonds of love and kindness and better family ties in years that follow :-)

May every family be more blessed and healed than before and learn to accept the imperfections of one another without grudges.
May genuine love, peace and mutual respect for one another grow and nurture the family foundation with the passage of time.

In conclusion, I think holidaying together every couple of years is a therapeutic exercise and an invaluable family investment, not just today, but for decades to come, because it would help in initiating, building and fortifying happy and healthy relations in future.

And therefore to imagine secure long innings of togetherness for coming generations would only be a fair desire of the heart whose desires are often unfair too ;-) :-D

Friday, November 25, 2016


Film "Guide" completed fifty years of its release in 2015.
An unrivalled, ahead-of-its-time film, "Guide", as we all know was based on a novel of the same name by reputed writer R K Narayan, directed by the legendary Vijay Anand and produced by Dev Anand.
Vijay Anand has also contributed to the screenplay of "Guide".
There was also a 120-minute US version written by Pearl S Buck which was produced and directed by Tad Danielewski.
"Guide" was screened at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, all of forty two years after its release.

From the conviction and faith the producer-director team had in the story to Waheeda Rahman accepting to play the female lead, "Guide" has been a very unique and special experience.
Special not only for the makers, but for the fans as well.

It is not just another film.
It is an experience that leaves the audience enriched, pensive and entertained.
The songs of "Guide" have been among the best in Bollywood history, remain unsurpassed in flavour and popularity even after half a century.
The music (by none other than Sachin Dev Burman), the lyrics (by legendary poet philosopher Shailendra), ... and their presentation ... all superlatively class apart ... !!!
And totally wowsome are Waheeda Rahman's dances, not to forget her amazingly accomplished portrayal of Rosie!!!

An interesting memory associated with one of the songs of "Guide" was narrated by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.
He said in one of his television interviews that Pancham Da being a good friend of his coerced him into playing the tabla for the song "Mo se chhal kiye jaaye ... " although Pandit Ji had left playing tabla and was concentrating on Santoor.

I have heard Waheeda ji saying
"Dev was so comfortable and secure in his performance that not once did he try to even remotely overshadow my character in the film."

I saw "Guide" after more than a decade of it's release.
In those days the sprawling lawns of our Colony Club used to fill up with the residents every Saturday night.
The weekly film show used to be a much awaited event for most of the people.
And of course "Guide" was House(Lawn)Full !!!

A family friend who was staying about thirty kilometers away, had seen the film nine times already, but came over all the way specially to see it yet another time.
I am convinced that in doing so he was not exaggerating his reverence for "Guide".
He was doing exactly what I have been doing ever since.

"Guide" is an overwhelming and unparalled phenomenon.
From the beginning "Guide" was special.
Everything about it was so different from the films we were used to seeing in those days ....
It was a deeply engrossing saga of complicated human relationships woven with incredible sensitivity and ease.
Who can forget the philosophy of "Wahaan kaun hai tera .... "
The grandeur of "Piya to se naina laagey re ... "
The pathos of "Din dhal jaaye ... "

An ardent fan of "Guide" has mentioned this following small bit of interesting information on Facebook, and I am copy-pasting it here :
The conversation between a lesser known actor Dilip Dutt (a regular in B R Ishara films) and Dev Saheb is memorable and remains heart touchingly profound even to this day :
Dilip Dutt : "'kya baat hein Sir aaj akele hee pii rahein hein "
Dev Anand : "'Batein karne ko itna taras raha thaa Mani kee socha thodi pii kar apne aap se kuchh kahooNga "
Aur ...Mani ki chaal ... that small shot from behind ... when he leaves ... 
ek taraf ye aur doosri taraf puri picture "Guide". Am exagerating,? 
But not as much as I appear to ... " !!!
And another one readily agrees :
"Yes ... also captivating is the moment when he keeps the unfinished Glass on the table and looks upwards where he can see Waheedaji ...
Thanks to Vijay Anand, Dilip Datt would be remembered in History "

And Dev Anand, the gentleman that he was, saw to it that even the smallest actor would not be ignored.
Such is the undying, unfading magic of  "Guide" that everything about it touches the soul.
Everyone knows they are watching a film.
But what a deeply moving, spiritually enriching and genuinely soul-stirring experience it is to watch Dev Saheb absorbing in himself the ultimate enlightenment!!!
The unadulterated bliss of it all was so real and so comforting, its aura engulfing and hypnotizing the audience completely ....

That was the kind of honesty with which The Great Anand Brothers created this legend on screen ... A stunning tale of Real Eternal Beauty !!!

When the film ended I knew once was not enough ...
Must have seen it countless times after that, but every time there is something enriching and refreshing to discover ... to learn ... to relive ...
The "Guide" never ceases to guide.

They say you live only once. But if you can do it right, once is enough.
With one matchless masterpiece, Dev Anand has ensured that he would be remembered for many many more decades not only as a heart warming romantic hero, but as an intense and compellingly magnificent actor film maker too !!!
He is ageless and timeless.
With "Guide", he has attained immortality.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Demonetization: A financial and human (mis)stroke

The day I withdraw my kharcha-paani from the bank, I usually go straight from the bank to a moderately good eatery to give myself a treat.
There is always a tussle between a plate of hot upma with steaming masala chaai or chicken falafel with lots of hummus accompanied by the warmth of that unfailing companion:
The ever-uplifting garam chaai ki pyali.
But either way it is a sumptuously rejuvenating experience which I look forward to.

This is followed by window shopping.
And if there is something really gorgeous (and reasonably priced too) I might even spend up to fifteen hundred rupees to add it to my wardrobe.
This is the "awaragardi" I enjoy very much twice in a month. I am bad with savings. So I withdraw strictly as much as I require. I cannot hoard.
Clothes, food, furniture, cosmetics, accessories etc etc , if they are more than what I can use, I give them away.

So, it seems much as usual, but comes back like coincidence that the afternoon of this 8 November, I withdrew five thousand rupees from the bank, went to my usual haunt and settled down comfortably with chaai and upma.
It was a usual afternoon.
The place was fairly (but not uncomfortably) busy.
As usual the shops around were having a steady flow of window-shoppers and buyers.
I also strolled in and out of the shops looking for nothing in particular.
Soon enough some lovely long skirts had me drooling over them.
Mulling over which one to buy, it occurred to me that I should have a look at the shops in Elco Market too.
So postponed the decision for the next day, and I came back home.

Everything usual took a turn for the unusual with a message from my sister.
"Saw the news?" she asked me.
This actually very unusual because we hardly watched news on television for the past many many months.
I asked her What the news was, but No reply came.
Meantime my boys started discussing on WhatsApp if there was enough cash with each one of us?

Now the horror of the News that my sister had mentioned started unfolding...
The five thousand rupees I had withdrawn hours earlier were in the 500 denomination.
So I was now sitting with ten notes of 500 which were rendered worthless by "the boldest decision in the financial history of Independent India"
(This is how PayTM hailed this disastrous announcement in its advertisement)
The next day banks were to remain closed.

By God! was the common man prepared for the chaos to which the banks opened ...
For the common man, as for the bank employees, this totally unexpected and unimaginable financial jerk has been nothing short of a horrific nightmare.
The fallout of it all has been huge and multidimensional.
It has unsettled numerous innocent human lives in more ways than any layperson could have imagined.

But the planners of this so called surgical strike are supposedly among the best brains in the country.
They should have foreseen.
And even if they did not have that kind of a vision, they should at least now not turn a blind eye to the suffering of the underprivileged.

However instead of bringing back a sense of stability and calm to the common man, there have been theatrics and counter theatrics by the political parties and a sorry display of complete absence of any sensitivity for the hardships of the masses from some upper classes.

As things unfold it is becoming more and more heart breaking to see how miserable people have suddenly become not so much because some people are facing real financial problems, but more so watching the soullessness of people who seem untouched by this mock-stroke.

Ismat Chughtai had written in Urdu some lines when my brother had asked for her autograph years ago.
I don't remember the exact text, but it was something like:
" Duniya mein do tarah ke log hotey hain:
Amiir aur Ghariib
Duniya mein do tarah ke mazhab hotey hain:
Amiir aur Ghariib
Duniya mein do tarah ke mulk hotey hai:
Amiir aur Ghariib
Duniya mein do tarah ke nazariye ( points of view ) hotey hain:
Amiir aur Ghariib "
May I humbly add a small heartfelt line to her memorable ones:
Demonetization has yet again categorized people into the same two types: 
Amiir aur Ghariib

And as the aftermath continues this following message someone shared on a social networking site sums up the crisis with much logic and depth:

"DeMonetisation reminds me of the Sheep
who cheered when their leader promised them
a blanket each.

Till one sheep asked *where will the wool come from??*😳😳"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Peace And Love This Diwaali

"There is not enough darkness in this whole world to put out the light of even one small candle."
Likewise there is not enough hatred in this world that can put out the light of love.

Hatred may raise its head often.
But every time it will be overwhelmed and over powered by love ... 
That is the strength of love. 
That is the light of love.
It makes Peace visible and within reach.

An individual is only as good as the Peace and Light s/he radiates.
Hold the Lamp of Love in your hands.
Make way through the dense darkness ...
Light The Path ahead ...
Sooner or later everyone will follow ...

Lighting diyas of love, hope and peace this Diwaali and Wishing everyone a prosperous and Peaceful festive season

And as I do this I am reminded of a beautiful couplet by Mir Taqi Mir:
“Uss ke farogh-e-husn se jhamke hain sab mein nuur
Sham-e-Haram ho ya ho diya Somnath ka” 

Dear Friends and Family! Happy Diwali to all of us :-)